Who can Join us
Anyone can become a member of DWKC, before you can register your dogs or complete a change of ownership you will need to have opened an account. Opening an account is very easy, click on “Join us Today” (top corner right-hand side of the page) Once you have filled out all your details, you will receive an email to verify your email address, once you have clicked on the link in this email your account will be enabled. Having access to your own account makes it much simpler to add dogs and amend details at your own convenience. Please Note Dog World Kennel Club have the rights to disable any accounts without any Prior warning if we feel the information used to open this account is false.

Dog Registration
To register your dog, you must first make an account. Once in your account click “add dog” and enter the required information. The cost per dog registration is £18.00 this includes a 3-generation pedigree and an ownership certificate.

For dogs with no previous club registration
If you have brought a dog without any registration certificates, and you don’t know any of the dog’s history. We will start your dog off with a new pedigree. The history will be left as unknown. This way if the generations grow so will the pedigree. We will require dog's name, date of birth, Colour, Breed, Microchip Number is optional.

We accept all pedigrees worldwide
All dogs are welcome to join DWKC. For dogs that have been registered with any other club Worldwide. After registering your dog on to your account, We will need you to send a photo of the pedigree information you have for your dog to our email address admin@dogworldkennelclub.co.uk we can then add this information to your dog’s account.

Postage Costs
We aim to get your certificates out to you within 21-28 days for standard postage. However, if you need it urgently we do provide a 14-working day service for an extra £12.00. (If we are waiting for information, this can also cause a delay)

Registering Your Litter
Before you can register your litter, you will need to ensure that you have registered the Dam to your account. If you have any pedigree information a photo of this must be sent to our email address. The registration must then be completed by a member of the DWKC team. Please note this can take up to 48 hours. If you own the sire he must also be added to your account and pedigree information sent to our email address.

If you don’t own the sire and he is not already on the Stud database, you will need to ask his owner for a copy of his pedigree information and send it over to us. If you have paid for a Stud service, the owner should be more than happy to supply this information.

You can register your litter on line via your account. Once registration has been complete and checked by us we will issue you with your correct DWKC documents.

Please note when registering a litter, we will contact the sire owner notifying them of the litter registration. They then have 7 days to confirm or deny the registration. So, when registering litters Your certificates can take up to 10 days to arrive. Please be aware that in some cases we may require evidence.

The cost for a litter registration depends on the amount of puppy’s registered. The standard litter registration starts from £18.00per Puppy.

Litter Certificate
At the time of registering your litter you can add on litter certificates. These are an additional £6 per puppy.

A litter certificate is an A4 certificate with all the litter details on. Sire, Dam, and siblings.

Naming Service
We offer a naming service, so if you’re in a hurry or can’t think of any names to call your litter we are happy to help.

We will do all the thinking for you and name each puppy in your litter. There is a £24.00 charge for this service. You can opt to use this service on the front page when registering your litter.

Change of Ownership
Before you can complete a change of ownership online you will need to have made an account.

Once in your account all you need to do is click “change of ownership” on the left-hand side.

Please note each dog/puppy will have its own unique ownership code and this will need to be entered. 

You can also complete a change of ownership via post by filling in the reverse of the Ownership certificate and sending it to the postal address on the certificate. you should have been given this certificate by the previous owner when purchasing the puppy.

If you don’t have this code, please contact the person who you purchased the dog from or contact us 01823 761200

Kennel Name
A Kennel Name is a name chosen by yourself that you wish to apply to each dog registered on your account.

It’s an exclusive word that is associated with you and your dogs. Known as your 'breeder signature', a kennel name will help with a quick glance seeing what lines your dog/ puppy has come from.

We only allow one Dog name and one Kennel Name on the database, so if you have a kennel name this will help give you more choice when it comes to selecting names for future litters. For example, if we have a dog named “Bella” in the database already you will only be able to choose this name, if you have a kennel name applied to your account. As if your kennel name was “DWKC” this would appear before “Bella” making the name available.

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