Finding the right stud to complement your girl can be mind blowing. With so many boys out there on the market it can be difficult to know which one will complement your female or even get you the colours that you’re hoping for. So here we have a page dedicated to the boys, and with free advice on DNA you can be sure you will of having the best chance at getting the pups you desire with both top quality and DNA.

You can advertise your Stud dog’s Free with us all you need to do is register your dog on to your account. Once he has been registered, and you’re in your dog’s account. You will see a “place this boy for stud” icon. You just need to click on this icon and enter the required information, adding a photo which will need to be resized (if you’re having problems with this one of our team will be happy to help you do this.) He will then appear on the home page and if anyone wants to enquire about using this stud you will receive an email straight to your account.

Breed:French Bulldog
Registered Name:Bizness
Reg. Number:DWKC81544293
Date of Birth:18/05/2017
Stud Fee:£1500
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Breed:English Bulldog
Registered Name:phatdaibulls phatz
Reg. Number:DWKC68880634
Date of Birth:11/06/2017
Stud Fee:£2000
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Registered Name:Bruce
Reg. Number:DWKC71414527
Date of Birth:12/04/2017
Stud Fee:£150
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Breed:French Bulldog
Registered Name:EURO MILLIONS
Reg. Number:DWKC65094828
Date of Birth:28/09/2017
Stud Fee:£300
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Breed:French Bulldog
Registered Name:Get your rocks off
Reg. Number:DWKC31608606
Date of Birth:08/05/2018
Stud Fee:£500
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Registered Name:O- Dracula vom Ellerbruch
Reg. Number:DWKC30014679
Date of Birth:31/10/2017
Stud Fee:£800
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Registered Name:Revan
Reg. Number:DWKC66988500
Date of Birth:15/10/2017
Stud Fee:£250
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